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We have plenty of food in the United States. We have child nutrition programs that work. The problem is that not enough kids are able to access them.

We're in business to FEED kids. One Dollar Spent = One Meal Donated.
Every purchase helps provide meals to children in need.

Founder and CEO Brysen Chad Duncan wants to give back. He wants to help the problem of underprivileged children not getting the nutrients and food needed to live a healthy life. The day he had his daughter his life was changed forever. The thought of his daughter in a different situation moved him to initiate our mission to give back! 

We were inspired to help change this. The United Nations World Food Program considers hunger "one of the most solvable problems that face the world today." We believe that by giving children the nutrition they need to thrive and reach their potential; we will be making a positive impact on the world for generations to come.

After weeks of looking and researching organizations we decided to move forward with No Kids Hungry. This group has different programs to offer kids a way to get meal Programs include: After school programs, discounted breakfast, or sack lunches. We love what No kids hungry stands for and look forward to making a larger impact each and every year! 

 One Dollar Spent = One Meal Donated.

What this slogan means from above is that every single dollar you spend on our website we will donate one meal for the No Kids Hungry Program.