1$ Spent = 1 Child Fed


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"Love supporting brands that make a meaningful impact, and that give back!" This short-sleeve shirt feeds TEN meals." 

The Classic toddler tee is clean and straightforward. The Rubber-ducky & Parachute is our Classic logo. If you are new to the INFANTRY foot-soldier movement and want to help feed our little foot-soldiers, then this is where you should start. 

You'll soon find it to be a great conversation piece when wearing the Classic Parachute will driving around town and playing on the playground.

You see other fellow INFANTRY TOTS soldiers giving you a knowing nod on helping the mission to feed the less fortunate infants and toddlers.

You'll be sure to make some new friends on the battlefield.

We made the classic tee and printed on a Heather-Grey 65% Polyester 35% cotton crew neck t-shirt.

Sizes available in both Girls and Boys size 2T 3T 4T 5T. 

This garment feeds ten meals. Help feed our little foot-Soldiers.


Why choose us?
Reason one

Every purchase made feeds an infant and toddler in-need. 

Help, feed our little foot-soldiers. 

Reason two

4 million infants (0-12M) die a year form the lack of food and water.

2.5 million toddlers (2y-5y) die a year from the same thing.